Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cybermon Hack Tool and Cheats [FREE Download] [No Survey] [Gold, Coins, BP, Energy]

Cybermon is a Facebook game application where you can capture, evolve and battle monsters. It features 10 dungeons that you can explore and over 1,000 monsters to collect, train and battle. Use your monsters to battle with your friends or fight epic boss battles. It also has live arena battles and weekly tournament where you can win chance items or rare monsters.

Try to spin gachapon to get new monsters. Don’t forget to spin for free everyday. Collect, summon, upgrade, evolve and combine monsters. While attacking, you can also change your monster formation by editing the front line and back line sections to set new formation. You can make your monsters stronger by upgrading them. You need at least 5 gems to upgrade (each monster need different gem due to his element). Your character can also learn new skills with the use of skill books. Try to get the Legendary Skill Book as it will let you learn new rare skill.

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