Monday, June 10, 2013

Marvel War of Heroes Hack Tool [FREE Download]

Today we are presenting our newest product - Marvel War of Heroes Hack Tool! We know how annoying is when you are missing Gold and Status Points while playing Marvel oWar of Heroes, and that is the reason why we created hack tool for Marvel War of Heroes! Now I'm going to introduce you main features of this tool! I think that the most important feature (at least for me) is Gold Generator. It has ability to add unlimited Gold to your account in a few seconds! Other cool options are Rally Points and Status Points adder! You just have to enter your desired amount and you will get it! But that's not all! Marvel War of Heroes Hack Tool contains some amazing trainer options such as all Cards and Levels unlocker, XP level up, proxy support, and many, many more!
Now, when you know everything about this hack tool, here is a screenshot so you can see how does it look like!

- Gold Generator
- Status Points Adder
- Rally Points Adder
- Silver Generator
- Unlock All Cards
- Unlock All Levels
- XP Level Up
- Proxy Support
- Update System

Here is a proof! It's a picture of my game screen after using Marvel War of Heroes Hack Tool!

It's simple! Download it and open it! After that plug in your device via USB to computer. Choose your gaming device and enter amount of items you want to generate. Also check desired trainer options and press "Start Hack". Wait few seconds until generating process is done and download newest version if available (just click "Update" button). After you see that generating process is done, simply open game on your device and you will see generated items added to your account! There is no limit in generating items, so enjoy using Marvel War of Heroes Hack Tool!

P.S. It's required to share this webpage on Facebook or Google+ in order to make it work! Don't skip this step!


  1. will it work and I not get caught by mobage

    1. You won't get caught because Marvel War of Heroes Hack Tool is undetectable, so no one will know you are using it!

  2. so if i try this it will work

  3. Is this legit? Sounds too good to be true... Seriously...

    1. Yes, it's legit! Why don't you download it and try it, then you will see how good it is!

  4. I can't open file on my galaxy?

    1. You have to download it and use it on your computer!

  5. Does the gold =moba coins??